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A Good Working Environment


Frequent breaks away from the computer can help to maintain good levels of concentration and also reduce the risk of a repetitive strain injury.

By ensuring the computer monitor is positioned correctly you van reduce the strain put on the neck and eyes helping to make working more comfortable, this also applies to the positioning of chairs and keyboards

Good ventilation is essential to a comfortable working environment as offices can become stuffy and hot especially in summer if there is no ventilation.  Good lighting will enable staff to view computer screens or paperwork without straining their eyes.

Computer Operatives should be aware of the dangers of overloading power sockets which can result in the socket to short and maybe catch fire, also the operative should keep their workspace clear of cables, bags, and anything else that might be a hazard to themselves or their colleagues.

Fire doors should be kept shut at all times in case of fire braking out as these doors greatly reduce the chance of the fire spreading, also all fire exits should be kept clear to make evacuation of the building in an emergency as quick and as safe as possible.